Nurturing Light

A Prayer

Mother Father God, cleanse my desires, my opinions and perspectives so that I perceive you first. Bathe me in your eternal flow of time and contentment, removing all static and anxiety. Allow all nagging shadow thoughts to be rinsed from my consciousness as I hold fast to your kindness, compassion and wisdom. Open my awareness and appreciation for the gifts you have placed within others which complement the gifts you have placed within me. Give me joy as my pettiness is transformed into useful words that bring life to everyone around–including me.

Matthew 5:16

{This Aramaic translation by Neil Douglas-Klotz, emphasizes the personal/communal/spiritual unity contained within the original tongue of Christ}

Let the Light of your being, the consciousness of knowing your real Self,

radiate and illuminate the human beings you find before you,

as well as the community of voices you find within.

When they see and feel your atmosphere of ripeness, your ability to act at the right time/place,

they will be reconnected in praise to the song and harmony of the Parent of All,

the nurturing Force that re-creates the cosmos each moment,

unfolding a universe of sound, vibration, and light.


Rev. M. Dele, is founder of Nature’s Friends and board member of VA Interfaith Power & Light. With UCC and Baptist affiliations, she weaves her roles as meditation teacher, Permaculturist, storyteller, and Climate Reality leader into a social fabric which redeems soil and souls together.