Time to PUSH

My Intersection of faith, ecology, and policy took me to this national prayer call on March 15th– marking the 54th day of the new administration. Since we are over the half way point so it is time to move past shock and awe into a plan of action. I issued a call to action to consciously birth a new relationship to Creation; and connect to the Creation Care mission leaders God has already called while we were looking in other directions.

Church Women United Message

Greetings to my Sisters in Christ. Thank you for allowing me to share with you what God has given me for you. This is our birthing moment for the next generation. We live in a time that is pregnant with opportunity and it is up to us to birth in new systems of righteousness. Anytime the pillars of society are ALL crumbling, that is the time to push forward with new systems that employ all of our workers and enfranchise full social participation.
Those who have given birth know that the rumbling in your belly is a warning to get focused and a sign to synchronize yourself with the new life that is inside. When everything in your body wants to contract, you must relax. When everything is saying NO, you must say YES.
It is a delicate dance to manage the life force of another being inside of you. Navigating the power of delivery is not easy, but it can be done so that mother and child survive the journey.
Likewise, in the midst of political turmoil, God has called forth young adult mission leaders across the country to feed our communities. They have left the halls of academia and athletic fields to respond to this call and they are now serving outside of the church. We must go and stand with the young adults God has called and together rebirth a church worthy of their attendance.
We have birthed new societies in the midst of daily brutality before and we can do it again. We were successful not only because of our faith in God, but also because of our faithfulness to the land. 2Chronicles 7:14 tells us that if MY people who are called by MY name, will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.
The land is a necessary part of our personal redemption and community well-being. God has called the young adults to care for the land, now we must care for the young adults and guide them with the spiritual grounding they long for.

Oh gracious and loving God,
You are celebrated by many names and in many languages because you are the One who has made both heaven and earth and all who dwells therein.
We first ask forgiveness for turning our back on the earth. We ask forgiveness for wastefulness and ignorance in spoiling our common home that we all share.
Deliver us from the greed and avarice that blinds us and keeps us bound to destructive actions. Deliver us from apathy and callous emotions towards anyone less fortunate than ourselves. Grant us humility and wisdom to help in ways that economically empower and lift up our sisters and brothers. We repent from helping in ways that promote our own pride and leave able-bodied people permanently dependent on hand outs.
Pierce our heats so that gluttony leaves our consciousness. Open the intersections of our hearts so that we share privilege and no longer run from requests for equity. Open the intersections of our hearts so that people, planet and profits are no longer at war with one another.
We seek your revelation, knowledge and wisdom on ways to open our church systems to the mission leaders you have already called to help us through the crises of these times. Open our eyes to see them
Open our hearts to embrace them
Open our hands to work with them so that your will is done on earth as it is in heaven.
We abundantly thank you, We deeply adore you
In the presence of Christ and the anointing of the Holy Spirit we pray
Amen, Ashe, Aho

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