• A global mission that teaches young adults to grow their own green job while making sure their own communities are food and water secure
  • Community outreach for your faith community. Your neighbors from the four directions help you install a medicine garden for the grounds where you worship.
  • A worker owned wholesale nursery and landscape design business in southern Virginia.


Young adults (18-35)  from underserved communities in the U.S.

Faith communities who want to engage young adults in a tangible mission that helps people, earns profits and protects the planet.


Congregations schedule an introduction for the environmental ministry or mission team of the church. Afterwards they may schedule an orientation session to determine how much of the training they wish to receive. The 3 hr orientation is given to all of the leaders and resource persons who will be involved so they know how they will work together to achieve the objectives. Once participants agree how many trainings they desire, they schedule future design meetings and installation sessions.

Soil & Souls can be accomplished on one weekend seminar/retreat or stretched out over the course of a year according to the church’s preference. Costs for Mission Trainers are based on the program design the church selects.


Through local leadership retreats and resilience training in Cuba young adults learn whole systems thinking and techniques of living on the land “God’s way”. By sharing their knowledge in mission work groups, these leaders will make their communities food and water secure.

Leaders attend the Sustainable Human Race leadership retreat to:

  • receive an orientation to Soil & Souls
  • connect with other leaders in different disciplines
  • select appropriate work projects

Leaders attend immersion training in Cuba

Leaders are dispatched in groups of ten to perform local work projects


In any community where food, faith and environmental leaders agree to work together.


 God is calling this generation of “Josephs” to create abundant communities during times of famine. Abundance undergirds peace.


As soon as you open your heart and mind to Soil & Souls



Leaders are equipped to lead congregational meetings on climate resilience including climate science, food sovereignty and water security.

Garden is installed according to regenerative design principles and congregants know how to maintain it.

Leaders commit to conduct outreach in the four directions of their property. Leaders share with others how to install a medicine garden just like they did. Outreach can be to other people, neighborhoods or congregations.

Congregational members will be inspired to move towards sustainable standards within church operation and personal lifestyles

The congregation will continue greening itself with renewable energy initiatives, rainwater systems and other soil building initiatives such as composting


Native medicinal plants provide healing for the land and human body at the same time. The healing for the land has the added benefit of requiring less water, no pesticides and less human energy to maintain. This makes the land more fertile for food production.

Soil scientists additionally tell us that if we redeem just 1% of our land, Mother Nature will receive the signal to reverse global warming.

These medicine garden installations prepare communities for food sovereignty, water security, and climate resilience. This prophetic mission practice will also strengthen relationships between a church and their immediate neighbors.

During the workshops people are reminded of indigenous land practices that realign us with the Earth’s natural sustainability and God’s plan for abundance. As we become aware of the way Nature organizes diversity in guilds, ecosystems, and biomes; we gain an understanding of how these natural systems support abundant food, as well as peaceful and just relationships among human families, institutions and nations.

Community celebrations strengthens community and creates a medicine wheel template for healing our land. When there are four related installations, they will be placed on a “Healing the Land” map on-line.