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We are seeding a new tomorrow and are grateful for your presence! I have found that good soul's growth is inextricably linked to good soil growth and so we offer them together. God is calling young adults of every ethnicity back to the land to care for her according to the original instructions of balance and abundance. Since you have found your way to this page, I believe you are also being called to help grow this intergenerational school of resilience! Whether you join our core management team, receive coaching, attend an event, or sponsor activities, your participation ensures that communities who need it most are empowered to thrive through all of the coming Earth changes. Your gifts launch this mission enterprise

Keep checking back as we add new information and refine existing information on the website about our offerings. Don't hesitate to call even to chat-- I love hearing human voices 🙂

This national mission is grounded in contemplative practices for inner resilience and  permaculture practices for external resilience. Personal coaching can give you structure and support to achieve the spiritual goals you have longed for. Retreats and workshops can be brought to your area as well as you attending those listed. Get on the mailing list to receive updates on our tours as well as resilience training in Cuba. I look forward to joining our journeys!

In Spirit & Truth,

Rev Dele

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